Jewellery Disclaimer

We work with several amazing jewellery designers and manufacturers both in NZ and overseas, who produce some beautiful, quality pieces. But as jewellery is delicate and often utilising precious metals and stones, it is important that it is looked after carefully.

In the event of a fault or breakage, we will try our best to remedy the situation by referring the issue back to our supplier.

Due to the unique and delicate nature of jewellery please note that our supplier's individual warranty & return policies may vary. 

Please consider the following as a guide when considering purchasing our jewellery:


In the event of a manufacturing fault we will refer back to the original supplier who will usually be able to provide a repair or replacement. 

Refunds will not be given if the goods have been damaged by you, this includes damage caused by inadequate packaging by you when returning goods.
Proof of purchase is required.

Manufacturing faults do not include:

  • Chipped, cracked or broken gemstones.
  • Broken chains.
  • General wear and tear including jewellery that have bent out of shape or oxidised (tarnished).
  • Plating or oxidised 'antique' finish that has worn off
    Plating is a metal coating that is bonded electronically or chemically to a base metal to give a different colour or finish - ie. Gold Plate. Some manufacturers will plate with a heavier thickness than others and so it may last longer, but please be aware that plating will eventually wear down over time, depending on use etc.
    - Oxidising is a chemical process often used to give a darker 'antique' or 'vintage' effect to metal. This finish may also wear or rub off over time.

If you would like any of the above repairs made, we can assess the damage and will let you know the cost before proceeding.


Respect your jewels and they will respect you! Please note that wear and tear in the course of normal use is not considered a manufacturing fault. Jewellery is precious and you are responsible for its care.

Jewellery and crystal items are delicate and should be handled carefully. Protect it from chemicals (hair spray, perfume, nail polish remover, chlorine, detergents, lotions etc.) direct sunlight and objects that may damage or cause scratches or dents. 

Jewellery that is gold plated or with certain finishes applied may age or wear back over time. Stones are delicate and may chip if not carefully worn. Rings and pendants may break or bend out of shape if mishandled. Crystal stones breaking from mishandling is not considered a manufacturing fault.

Sterling silver is best cleaned with a professional jewellery cleanser, read manufacturers instructions before use.

Clean gold plated, costume items and delicate gemstones with a soft cloth or mild jewellery cleanser (check before use), do not use silver polish or strong metal cleaners.


Unless previously arranged, all custom orders are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded (unless accepted by the manufacturer as faulty) - so please choose carefully.

If you guess your ring size and the ring needs to be altered, you may incur an alteration fee. 

Unless the goods are damaged or defective or not as specified in your order, you are responsible for the cost of returning the goods.


Crystals and stones are natural minerals and will vary in colour, shape and size. Your piece will have its own unique and individual characteristics, which may vary slightly from the photograph.
Some of our suppliers may not be able to exchange for a different piece based on the characteristics of crystals. If you are concerned about this variance, please contact us for further images or to select in-store.