Switching to Trouble Club

Ok, so some things will be a little different... 

But trust us, it’s for the best! We’ll try to answer some potential ‘switching to Trouble Club’ FAQs here...

Why do I only get a $25 voucher for spending $500 when I used to get $50!?

On the old system loyalty could only be earned on full priced items, meaning any discounted or sale items did not earn any loyalty. Seasonal sales, promos, Laybuy Mania, Afterpay Day. Sorry, no loyalty today! 😢

It was hard work for us too because neither the old or new systems has the technology to automatically exclude loyalty on discounted items, so keeping track was a manual daily process and very confusing for both staff and customers!

We’ve decided to simplify things for everyone and allow loyalty to be earned on ALL purchases as of Dec 1st 2020. But in order to retain our margins we’ve also had to make some changes to our rewards ladder to keep things viable. We hope you can understand!

At first glance it may seem like a step down, but ultimately our customers will be able to earn points faster and redeem rewards more frequently!
With Trouble Club we’ll have the flexibility to be more creative and offer fun things like double points days, free products and special VIP stuff. You’ll also notice we’ve added some extra ‘rungs’ to the ladder so you’ll get a nice little treat whether you spend a little or a lot!

Andddd...you can now earn and redeem loyalty in store AND online!

Previously, we didn't have an automatic way to offer loyalty credit for online purchases, and trying to convert an in store loyalty voucher to online was a slow, manual process. Now you can easily track your points and redeem rewards for both your in store and online purchases in one place, provided you purchase under the same email address each time you shop (great if you're a local and often use our Click & Collect service!)

Plus! We also have a 'Trouble Family' VIP tier for our most loyal Trouble Clubbers

Customers who spend more than $5000 with us will be bumped up to our 'Trouble Family' VIP tier. We've boosted the rewards in this tier to match our old points earning system where $500 gets $50 credit and $1000 gets $100 credit but you can also earn points on sale/ discounted items too! (which you couldn't previously on the old system)

See more info about all the new Trouble Club Rewards here

What does this mean for my existing loyalty credit?

There’s a couple of options available, but get in touch with us and we’ll sort it for you!

The old and new systems work a little differently so switching customers over is a manual process that needs to be done by a manager (i.e Lib or Craig) and unfortunately can’t be done on the spot in store. But flick us an email or pop in for a chat and we can make sure things are ready for your next visit.

We’ll also be using this transition as an opportunity to spring clean our database, as after 10 years things have got a little messy! The new system requires a valid email address as its ‘unique identifier’, so as we set up each customer on the new Trouble Club we’ll be updating things as we go - tidying up key info, checking existing loyalty has been calculated correctly based on the old terms, merging any duplicate accounts etc.

Changing to something new can often be a little complicated and it’s been a bit of a mind-bender for us too, so we really appreciate you bearing with us during the switch!

Option 1: Stay on the old loyalty system until Jan 30th 2021

If you’re due or alllmooosst at a $50 loyalty voucher and would like some extra time to reach it you can choose to stay on the old system until Jan 30th 2021. Perhaps a little holiday shopping will get you over the line!

Existing loyalty credit will be calculated based on the old terms: spend $500 on full priced items within the last 12 months and get $50 loyalty credit ($10 full price spend = $1 loyalty credit). After this date your remaining loyalty credit can be converted to Trouble Club points based on the new terms below.

Option 2: Convert your old loyalty credit over to Trouble Club points

If you’re not quite there yet (or still have a bit of loyalty credit left over after redeeming a loyalty voucher) these loyalty credits can be converted to Trouble Club points based on the calculation of $1 old loyalty credit = 10 Trouble Club points.

Transition Period

Trouble Club will be launched on Dec 1st 2020, with a 60 day transition period from the old to new system, and a final disabling of the old system on Jan 30th 2021. We can still access historic customer loyalty records if needed, but we will be using these dates as references when calculating and converting points. 

Please note: You may see loyalty/ points balances displayed on automatic loyalty emails from the new system or on in store receipts with the old system.
As we transition, the points balance shown may be incorrectly calculated based on the corresponding terms, or points may have been incorrectly applied twice while the two systems are running side by side. We are not obliged to honour a point balance incorrectly indicated and will adjust points as necessary. Let us know if you have any queries and we'd be happy to talk you through these adjustments.

How do I join the new Trouble Club?

Any purchases made after Dec 1st either in store (if we link it to your account) or online will start automatically earning points on the new system.
💡 Tip:
Make sure to use the same email address when shopping in store and online to keep your in store and online points together under one account.

To view/manage your new points and rewards all you need to do is create a store account here.
Once you're logged in you will see the Trouble Club portal and can view your points and claim rewards yourself from here. Cool huh! Otherwise we can just let you know how you're tracking in store (like we did previously).

Stay tuned for our launch email or visit our Trouble Club info page here for more details! 

Or to contact us directly email hello@troubleandfox.co.nz, chat on our website or reach out via our socials @troubleandfox.